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CALABASAS, CA -- (Marketwired) -- 04/18/13 -- Arvixe, an award winning and recognized leader in web hosting and domain name registrations, has announced a new feature for customers. The new feature allows for the automatic installation of any software when setting up a new hosting account. The new autoload feature offers over 200+ of the most popular software and scripts available on the market -- all at no additional cost. These include popular blogging platforms WordPress, Storytlr, TextPattern, bbPress, LifeType; content management systems Drupal, Joomla, ModX, Xoops; forums MyBB, phpBB, Simple Machines, Vanilla and more. In addition to the new autoload feature, Arvixe allows cPanel access to popular 1-click application installers Fantastico and Softaculous giving customers more flexibility to install any software of their choosing. Arvand Sabetian, Founder and ... (more)

Open Government Cloud Computing

Senior executives who are presented with a request to invest in Cloud computing need to see clear links between this new technology capability and their own strategic goals and policies. This is a relatively straight forward proposition for government executives because Cloud computing brings together a number of very powerful drivers of business value. It represents the intersection of a number of the latest best practices in technology with the latest in organizational science and also government policy too. Crowd Computing Recently MIT published a paper ‘Harnessing Crowds: Mapping the Genome of Collective Intelligence‘ (20-page PDF), that distills the key mechanics of this science that is also referred to as “Crowdsourcing“. It also represents the core ethos of the principles involved in ‘Open Government‘, the policy announced by Barak Obama to make government mor... (more)

PHP 7 vs. HHVM | @DevOpsSummit #DevOps #API #PHP #Microservices

PHP is one of the most popular scripting languages used for web development. The latest version of PHP, PHP 7 is a new version of the language that is been optimized for fast performance. However, PHP has a rival in HHVM (Hip Hop Virtual Machine) — a virtual tool that executes PHP code. The competition between these two options is heating up, so let’s take a look at the performance that each can offer. What is HHVM? In 2008, Facebook started working on a tool to convert PHP script into C++ so it could be compiled and executed on web servers. The aim was to conserve server resources, an important goal, as Facebook’s user base was growing rapidly. In this sense, the project was a success; it allowed the server to accommodate between five and six times more traffic than it had managed before. Fast-forward a couple years to 2010. Facebook’s server needs had grown even ... (more)

Olisipo Can Make You A CloudMASTER®

Olisipo Learning in Portugal has a culture that is based on the constant search for new challenges. Recognized by their clients as the “Best HR Supplier”, they have placed more than 450 specialists into some of the country's most attractive and innovative IT projects. As a leading Portuguese IT sourcing partner, they also take the responsibility of managing and developing consultant skills very seriously. Olisipo's diversified and differentiating training experience accelerates professional success and enhances talent. As the only Portuguese IT company listed as a Top 500 Growth Company in Europe, they also contribute directly to the creation of jobs in the European Union. These are just a few of the reason why Olisipo has prioritize NCTA CloudMASTER® Certification in 2017 for their candidates, consultants and clients. The current European Cloud Computing Policy is ... (more)

Splunk's Search Software Used In University Open Source Lab

Splunk announced that the Oregon State University Open Source Lab (OSUOSL) is using Splunk, the industry's first search software for fast moving IT data, to help in its mission to manage systems that support thousands of open source developers worldwide. With Splunk's advanced log file search capabilities saving many man-hours, the lab has been able to maintain staffing levels while still tripling in size. OSUOSL was developed to accelerate the adoption of open source software across the globe and aid the community that develops and uses it. The lab provides hosting for the most high profile open source projects in the world, including the Linux Kernel Project, the Apache Software Foundation, Debian Linux, Gentoo Linux, OpenOffice.org, KDE, Mozilla and Drupal. With the rapid increase in open source adoption, the lab has tripled in size over the last year and require... (more)

SpikeSource To Certify Open Source Apps on Windows

In another trip down the rabbit hole to where things are odd indeed, SpikeSource, Kim Polese's open source stack operation, is going to certify all of its SpikeIgnited open source applications on Windows. In concert with Microsoft, it says. SpikeIgnited includes BI, ECM, collaboration, e-mail, CRM and web content management software, the kind of stuff that Microsoft supplies. The announcement quotes Microsoft's general manager of platform strategy Bill Hilf as conceding that "a significant number of enterprise customers with open source applications run those applications on Windows server" so it's trying to be cooperative and win interoperability points. SpikeSource, which isn't believed to be doing all that well, says it recently shipped an unidentified Windows-certified SpikeIgnited product to NEC for customers who have been asking for dual-certified Linux/Windows a... (more)

Optaros Creates Dynamic Online Community for Chicago Public Radio

Chicago Public Radio (WBEZ 91.5 FM Chicago, WBEQ 90.7 FM Morris, and WBEW 89.5 FM Chesterton) is a community-supported, non-commercial public service broadcasting institution for 7.7 million people throughout Chicago and surrounding regions. Chicago Public Radio produces, acquires, and distributes engaging, thoughtful, and entertaining programs of depth, breadth, diversity, and substance. The organization prides itself on helping listeners learn about issues and ideas that affect the community, the nation, and the world. The institution has more than 120 employees across multiple offices in greater Chicago. In planning the Vocalo Web site, Chicago Public Radio was breaking new ground. The Web site would not just promote its companion radio station, but provide an avenue through which a diverse audience could be reached, intrigued, and attracted to the radio station... (more)

DWR version 3.0 Release Candidate 1

DWR version 3.0 The much awaited DWR version 3.0 has reached release candidate 1. What's new? RPC Enhancements Varargs support Method overloading (DWR tries to copy Java's method matching rules) Typed parameters (so you can say new Apple() in JavaScript and pass it to the addFruit() method and DWR will instantiate the correct type on the server) Lightweight typed parameters (as above, but by adding $dwrClassName:"Apple", for when you are getting the objects from something else) More natural synchronous XHR (so you can call var reply = Remote.getData() when doing 'Sjax') Improved Marshalling Binary file upload/download (byte[], java.awt.BufferedImage, InputStream etc and FileTransfer can be uploaded from an input type=file, offered for download, or sent to an img) Functions (Store a reference to a JavaScript function on the server for later execution) Objects by Refer... (more)

Plone and Drupal: Different Approaches, Different Results

Drupal Developer's Journal on Ulitzer Plone and Drupal are two leading open source Content Management Systems (CMS). Both were recognized in the 2009 Open Source CMS awards, run by Packt Publishing.  Both also have large installed bases and large developer communities.  This is made evident by some quick searching on Google: A search for LinkedIn profiles that mention Plone (search for 'plone site:linkedin.com/pub/') turns up 1350 pages-a large increase from 500 results in 2006. The same kind of search for Drupal developers turns up 9700 pages (search for 'drupal site:linkedin.com/pub/').  This tells me that, in LinkedIn anyway, there might be approximately seven to eight times as many Drupal developers as there are Plone developers. Below I will outline the strength and weaknesses of both systems. As a site administrator who has worked with Plone since September 20... (more)

Did You Know that PHP Runs on Windows?

Did you know that PHP runs on Windows? Run Drupal, WordPress, SugarCRM, or other PHP-based apps on Windows today with the free Microsoft Web Platform Installer. Microsoft® WebsiteSpark is a specially designed program for PHP Web developers and designers to help you explore running on Windows. This program enables you to get new business leads to grow your business, and receive the software, support and trainingyou may need, at no cost for 3 years. To find out how to start getting new business leads, and leveraging the benefits of WebsiteSpark please enter your information here to download the Program Guide and receive enrollment instructions. For your convenience, information from your member profile has been used to fill out this form as far as possible. Please provide any remaining information requested, then click 'Submit'. ... (more)

Top 10 Open Source eCommerce Software (Joomla and Drupal)

This is the second of two articles about open source ecommerce software that we hope will help web developers and system administrators in selecting what is best for their needs. The first article Top 10 Open Source eCommerce Software (Joomla and Drupal) reviewed: HikaShop, SimpleCaddy, OpenCart, redSHOP and RokQuickCart. The following article details our own analysis of the last 5 vendors in our article series. 6.   VirtueMart – http://virtuemart.net/ Founded in 2005, the company VirtueMart has developed a free and open source shopping cart software as an extension for Joomla. Formerly known as mambo-phpShop, VirtueMart is a popular Joomla extension written in PHP, within a MySQL database environment. Pros Has an enormous amount of features and comes with a large number of options to choose from. Powerful extensions with great performance in the back-end. One o... (more)