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When I was 17 and trying to figure out what I wanted to be when I grew up, chief marketing technology officer was 334th on my list, only 333 spots removed from my top choice, game show host. Nonetheless, I was surprised when, after Sajak, Dawson and Trebek turned down the gig, Right Source Marketing put me in charge of marketing technology a few weeks ago. I’ve never considered myself a techie, but here I sit, with the rise of technology and data having forever shifted the role of the modern marketer. Just when marketing had become cool again, we’ve gone ahead and crashed the technology party – a place that used to be reserved for geeks and nerds. Why? The reason is simple – the marketing seat at the boardroom table is getting closer and closer to the CEO seat because marketing is no longer viewed as a cost center but rather a revenue driver. As marketers, if we can ... (more)

Drupal Tip to Enable Clean URLs on Mac OS

Drupal Developer's Journal Here's a little Drupal Tip O' the Day for our readers. As many of you know, we're platform agnostic here at Orchestra (meaning we run Macs, Linux, Windows and more), so we often end up discovering little tricks and tips about our different OSes. For those of you building a Drupal website from a Mac, this a handy bit of info. Scenario: We have a hosted Drupal website that we want to Enable Clean URLs on. The website is hosted with a company like Media Temple. Problem: When you try to Enable Clean URLs, Drupal tells you that you are missing some configuration needed. Problem Source: When you download the Drupal installation stack from Drupal.org or Acqiua, there is a file called .htaccess in the main folder that doesn't show up. Note the (.) in front of the file name. By default, Mac OS X doesn't show hidden files, including files beginnin... (more)

CorraTech Announces Alliance with SpikeSource

CorraTech, an open source solution provider, announced an alliance with SpikeSource to deliver a suite of open source composite business management applications, integrated within a service-based approach and powered by SpikeSource's SpikeNet service. As a strategic member of SpikeSource's Partner Network, CorraTech leverages its success in delivering SpikeSource solutions to the enterprise. Combining the consulting and software development expertise of CorraTech with the technology and service support of SpikeSource, OpenSuite offers businesses a risk-free way to take advantage of the superior value proposition offered by open source applications. CorraTech's suite of open source software is a fully supported suite of enterprise ready business functions, integrated within a Services Oriented Architecture (SOA) and powered by SpikeNet. CorraTech's OpenSuite combines ... (more)

Optaros Creates Dynamic Online Community for Chicago Public Radio

Chicago Public Radio (WBEZ 91.5 FM Chicago, WBEQ 90.7 FM Morris, and WBEW 89.5 FM Chesterton) is a community-supported, non-commercial public service broadcasting institution for 7.7 million people throughout Chicago and surrounding regions. Chicago Public Radio produces, acquires, and distributes engaging, thoughtful, and entertaining programs of depth, breadth, diversity, and substance. The organization prides itself on helping listeners learn about issues and ideas that affect the community, the nation, and the world. The institution has more than 120 employees across multiple offices in greater Chicago. In planning the Vocalo Web site, Chicago Public Radio was breaking new ground. The Web site would not just promote its companion radio station, but provide an avenue through which a diverse audience could be reached, intrigued, and attracted to the radio station... (more)

Ulitzer to Give Drupal 6.0 Its Biggest Scalability Challenge Yet

Ulitzer.com, which initially made the headlines with its "job descriptions from the future," announced today that it will launch its Ulitzer "beta" site with more than 16,000 authors and more than 1 million original articles, published in more than 5,000 topic-specific online journals. Each journal offers up to 14 content-specific sections, written by the world's most-respected authors in their fields. All Ulitzer authors will earn 100% of their Google AdSense revenue. See author index here. All approved Ulizter authors can post a variety of story types: 01) Article 02) Blog 03) Book Excerpt 04) Book Review 05) Case Study 06) Feedback 07) Interview 08) News 09) Opinion 10) Podcast 11) Product Review 12) Tutorial 13) Video 14 Whitepaper  Within one year after its beta launch date, Ulitzer is projecting to serve more than 100,000 authors with over 10 million original article... (more)

The Next Big RIA Service: Sprout

I was preparing my slides for the upcoming AjaxWorld Conference in New York next Tuesday, where I compare different technologies for creating rich Internet applications.  The slides for the big players on the market are ready, but I was looking for one more – something that would fall into a category of cool RIA. And I found one. These days RIA tools are created mainly to two groups of people: Web Developers and UI Designers. The second group is represented by creative people who can design screens but are not programmers. Big guys like Adobe are trying to come with tools that would bring together these two groups of people who currently live in different planets. For example, the rumor has it that Adobe is going to release Thermo Beta this Summer. It allows designers to drag and drop and Flex code will be automatically generated based on their creative moveme... (more)

Photon Announces New Drupal Training Center

Photon Infotech announced the opening of the Photon Drupal Training Center, a new facility that will leverage and expand Photon’s experience and expertise with Drupal, an open-source PHP-driven Content Management System. With a goal of certifying 200 new Drupal experts a year, Photon will have the industry’s largest and best trained army of Drupal consultants in the world. A strong advocate and contributor to the Open Source movement, Photon has been involved with Drupal from its start and recently finished its 40th project based on Drupal. Photon has also implemented one of the world’s largest Drupal websites, demonstrating Drupal’s enterprise scalability. Based in Photon’s new Estancia offices in India, the center provides a comprehensive training environment to teach new Photon consultants how to develop cutting edge applications. In a January Forrester Researc... (more)

Liferay's Open Source Portal 5.2 Integrates CMS, Web 2.0

Liferay has announced the 5.2 release of Liferay Portal Standard Edition. The open source solution integrates content management, collaboration, and social networking to help enterprises consolidate software investments. The latest release features enhanced performance and scalability for reduced hardware costs and simplified administration for greater reusability and adoption. Customers that deployed Liferay Portal often deployed Liferay as a collaboration or content management solution, with plans to customize the product in future iterations to fit long-term business strategy. Savings result from Liferay's compatibility with an enterprise's existing application servers and databases, requiring no new investment in infrastructure software. Liferay Portal 5.2 drives further value by helping enterprises maximize existing technology investments: Control Panel: A new... (more)

15 Common Drupal Problems That Make You Scream (Solutions Included)

Drupal, although a great CMS, has a number of common problems. Here are 15 of the most common Drupal problems, revealed and resolved. For newbies and pros! ... (more)

Which CMS? Don't Forget Content Modeling

A key task in the scope of Content Management, is Content Modeling - this is when you get raw content to fit into some common model of types and elements. Once defined, the types and their elements fit into a hierarchy (aka - Taxonomy or "Content Tree"). To break this down a little further, let's first take a look a "types". Content Types At the foundation of most CMS systems is the concept of types - Content Types (aka - Content Objects, Classes). This enables developers/administrators to structure content according to it's format/function -- examples of types might be "articles", "blog post", "FAQ", "image gallery", "product description", etc.. The way that types are defined varies greatly between Content Management Systems. A basic CMS may provide some pre-defined types with a few options, where as a more robust CMS will allow for custom types, and are usually ... (more)

Orchestra Featured on SAP Ulitzer Site

Wow, look at me, I'm famous. Oh wait, what have I done. Are people going to follow me to the grocery store with cameras now? Probably not, unless the world turns it's attention from Jon and Kate to SAP Business One. But in our little world, this is pretty cool. Orchestra and myself are featured on the SAP site at SYS-CON. Check us out on the front page. As an FYI, SYS-CON is part of Ulitzer, which is a huge news site. It runs on Drupal and is reported to be one of the largest Drupal sites in existence, expected to have millions of views per month with over 2 million nodes. We don't just like it because it is Drupal though, Ulitzer is an awesome business and tech site that has replaced some other sites for me.  Here are some links to this site and others like it: SAP SYS-CON Site:  http://sap.sys-con.com/ SAP Business One Journal on Ulitzer:  http://sapbusinessone.ulit... (more)